1. Is it safe to use?

Yes samphion is absolutely safe to use, your safety is our utmost priority. We are the only dating app with the providing this aspect that no screenshots can be taken, that means it is safe for both men and women.


2. Why Samphion, what's unique about it?

We are the only dating app which helps you to connect with people on the basis of your health and lifestyle interests. Samphion is fun + cool + safe + exploration + private + exciting dating app where you will find the match that will matter.


3. Is it free application?

Yes, you can download it on play store and visit our website www.samphion.com for more information about our application.


4. What is health and lifestyle Junction?

Samphion is a platform where you can find your match based on you health and lifestyle preferences.

Health and lifestyle Junction is where we have created sections of 16 niche categories of health and lifestyle, for example:- people who have interest in dance can go to dance junction and can showcase their skills as well as find a date for themselves.


5. Can we like & dislike profile at any time we want ?

Yes users can like and dislike profiles based on their interests, they can chat and go on a date according to their interests in health and lifestyle.


6. Is it easy to use ?

Yes, its way simpler, just like any other app on your mobile devices.


7. If I select one junction, will I be able to explore other options as well?

Yes, of course you can visit multiple Junctions and connect with multiple people & chat with them.


8. Where can I find help ?

You can contact us on happydating@samphion.com


Dm us @samphiongroup at Instagram ! We are as active as Batman on Instagram


9. What is Profile Uplift?

Profile uplift  is where your profile will be more visible to your dating preferences & various health & lifestyles categories.


10. What are prime and prestige membership?

These two are membership options to explore more profiles.

PRIME MEMBERSHIP is where you can explore 100 exclusive profiles per month and also 30 swipes a day.

PRESTIGE MEMBERSHIP is where you will get 200 exclusive dates per month and 50 swipes a day.

11. How Safety & security is ensured?

Samphion will provide you safe and secure environment. Screenshots are ban on our app, you or someone else will not be able to taken any screenshots on the app. This will ensure that our users are safe and are not misusing our platform.