10 Effective Ways to Lose Your Weight in 30 Days

Updated: Mar 11

Obesity is becoming a major problem in every part of the world, from young to adults all are facing the problem of obesity. It can be caused by your daily lifestyles like overeating, physical inactivities, frequency of eating, and genetics.

Everyone wants to look lean and slim, and they also don’t want fat on their body, but only by thinking it can’t be possible. If you want to lose weight it will maximum take 1 month to reduce your weight slowly and effectively you need to take some measures for that, to help you out, there are some steps to put down your weight in a month:

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Start doing Intermittent Fasting

The fast of 14-16 hours usually starts from 7:00 PM to 9:00 AM of the next day, during which you should drink water and eat fruit. Doing intermittent fasting, allows your stomach to take some rest, this time gap allows the stomach to process the previous meal and to remove the toxins from the body.

The result of intermittent fasting is going to be visible in 2 weeks and after that, if you’re finding it difficult you can leave it but eat food in a minimum of 5 hours break in a day and 10-12 hours at night. Nowadays, it is also popular among lots of celebrities who are practicing intermittent fasting daily for losing weight.

Reduce eating Carbohydrates

This is the very big reason why most of the population is suffering from obesity. A person who is eating lots of carbs in their daily diet. The food you should avoid consists of carbs like bread, cereals, and pasta. If you want to lose weight you should avoid all these types of food.

With low eating carbs, your body will utilize energy from body fat which leads to burning out all fat. It also benefits in reducing appetite without thinking about your favorite food, you can fill your stomach with healthy food. But the long-term effect of a low-carb diet is still in search, but a low-calorie diet is the go-to for reducing weight.

Reduce Sugar

Sugar in any form can be harmful to the body. 5-6 teaspoons of sugar are healthy for people but more than that may cause obesity and some serious diseases like diabetes. Sugar beverages and soda drinks are loaded with fructose, eating fructose can increase your appetite and increase the desire for the food. Starchy food contains the same amount of sugar as glucose.

Also, drinking a lot of sugary beverages can lead to an increase in the amount of visceral fat, which is associated with diabetes and heart disease. A study in over 30,000 people, it is found that those who consumed 17-21% more sugar had a 38% greater risk of heart disease, compared to those who are consuming only 8% of calories added sugar.

Depending mostly on water content food

Water content food like various types of fruits, fruit juices, and food directly coming from nature is the best to reduce weight. In the morning you should drink vegetable soup and after exercise eat some mixed fruits. After that eat minimum calorie food. Try to eat before sunset as our stomachs aren't able to digest the food well after the sunset. Water content is easily digested from your stomach

Always avoid oily and junk food

Eating junk food is one of the major reasons for obesity and chronic diseases. After avoiding it or eating it on any one day of the month, we can say goodbye to more than 50% of present diseases. If you’re addicted to it you can cut it gradually by not buying it, if it’s not in your refrigerator or shelf then you’ll tend to eat fruits and nutritious food.

Include low-calorie food & low carb food like spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, broccoli, etc. in your diet

Increase Fiber-Rich Food in your diet

Fiber-rich food is one of the best ways to reduce some pounds. People who eat more fiber-rich food tend to be leaner, which is also proven by the study. It will also help to glow your skin and keep care of your hair. In short, fiber-rich foods are one way to cure most of the problems. The best fiber-rich foods are apples, berries, oatmeal, beans, nuts, etc.

Keep Drinking Water

Drinking adequate liters of water not only affects our skin to glow and has a beneficial effect on the mucosal lining of the intestines but is also effective in reducing weight. Staying hydrated will help to maintain our healthy gut which leads to burning out extra fat in your body. Drinking a lot of water and excreting it will also help our digestive tract to be clean most of the time.

Eat protein fats daily

Due to cutting a lot of food from your diet, your body won’t suffer that change, so to lose weight without feeling weakness, you should eat healthy fats and proteins to pump up your body. Your body still requires healthy fats which can be taken from olive oil and avocado oil. Avoid butter and coconut oil as they contain saturated fat.

Workout daily

Regular exercise can help people to increase their metabolic rate which will give you energy and stamina and helps to quickly reduce your weight, as people age they will tend to get more injuries and pain in their joints. By doing regular exercise they can get rid of these problems. Yoga strengthens your inner soul, it helps us to fight mental disease and exercise gives shape & strength to our body physically. Keep trying different workouts to lose weight effectively.

Before taking any major step or major change in your diet, consult your doctor. Don’t reduce excessively so many calories as your body isn’t used to eating low calories. Due to different body types, the result may differ but you’ll surely see the changes in your body by following the above steps.

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